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NPO法人 大阪観光ボランティアガイド協会

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大阪城 大阪城 大阪城

About OVGC

We are members of the Osaka Volunteer Guide Council (OVGC). We are all fascinated by the history of Osaka Castle and the ups and downs it has been through. Our daily activities are devoted to conveying the message of the castle's various virtues. We all wear a green uniform like a traditional Japanese happi coat.
Please feel free to talk to us when you find us in Osaka Castle park and we’ll guide you at your request for free*.
For inquiries, please email us at

* Note: “Free of charge” applies only to individuals and small groups.


Plum Grove Season
The beautiful season has come to the plum grove this year as well.Osaka Castle Plum Grove began in...
The autumn leaves at Osaka Castle are beautiful.
Osaka Castle has beautiful autumn leaves. Please come and see it once。This photo was taken from Osa...
Osaka Castle Tour for Participants of International Conference
We guided the conference participants on a tour of Osaka Castle for an excursi...
Culture of "Hanami"
In spring, many Japanese spread out a rug under the cherry blossoms in full bloom and have a party w...
Cherry blossom viewing
Cherry blossom viewing has begun, and we are now amid it. Every year, the plum blossoms blo...
Peach bloosoms
There was a declaration of cherry blossom blooming in Osaka, but the full bloom is a little further ...
"Musashino" plum has begun to bloom
The recommended plum for 2023 in Osaka Castle Park is "Musashino"."Musashino" plum is a pink flowe...
2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in Japanese zodiac. The Japanese zodiac is based on a 12-year cy...
Christmas in Osaka Castle
The night in Osaka in December is full of lights. In Osaka Castle ...
Sensory Tour for Visually impaired guests
On November 17th and 30th, visually impaired guests and their helpers visited us to walk aroun...
Beautiful leaf viewing or a big appetite in autumn
It's  the best time to enjoy autumn leaves turned into red or yellow. The main tower looks l...
Osaka Castle Triathlon 2022
The Osaka Castle Triathlon 2022 was held in Osaka Castle Park on October 9th.It was originally sched...
Autumn Moon Viewing at Osaka Castle
Moon Viewing, or Tsukimi in Japanese, is the custom of gazing at the full moon, and enjoying its s...
Gourd & “Sennari Byoutan”
In a corner of Osaka Castle, one type of gourd, “Sennari Byoutan” is grown. Gourds are common...
The summer festival is back in Osaka!!
The Tenjin Festival, one of Japan's three major festivals, had been cancelled due to the infection...
Guided high school students (20 people) from the United States.
On Sunday, July 3, we guided 20 students from Walt Whitman High School, Maryland, USA, from Ote-mon ...
Ikutama-jinja Shrine Summer Festival is coming!
  It is one of the three major festivals in Osaka. The shrine is about 2 km southwest ...
Hydrangea garden in Osaka Castle Park
The rainy season in Japan, especially June, is the time to enjoy hydrangea flowers. Many families ...
Osaka Castle Tower in the early summer season
  It’s early summer now.  It’s one of the best seasons for travel in Japa...
Azalea is in full bloom!
There are many azalea trees in Osaka Castle Park. Most of them are of the type called Hirado t...
The  Sakura or cherry blossom season is gone!
★The shower of cherry blossom petals The calyces and fresh leaves of the cherry blossom after fal...
Best time for Sakura viewing!
The Sakura or cherry blossoms in Osaka Castle Park are in full bloom now. There are about 3,000...
When in Japan, follow in the Sakura.
Hello, there.       The Sakura or cherry blossoms have just come out. Ch...
Peach blossom season has come!
  In the north end of Osaka Castle Park: some hundred meters north of the Aoya Gate along the...
Best time for plum blossom viewing!
The plum grove in Osaka Castle Park is now in its best. Early and middle blooming ones are in full...
Plum Blossom Viewing
There is a plum (ume) tree grove in Osaka Castle Park, and about 1270 plum trees with 100 varie...
Happy New Year !
Kadomatsu are a pair of pine decorations which are placed in front of the gates of a residence. ...
Fukuko Panel
2022 is the year of the Tiger.The "Fukuko Panel" is on display in front of the castle tower until ...
Christmas tree in MIRAIZA
This is a Christmas tree displayed at the entrance of MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO, in front of the castle tow...

Osaka Castle Park

Access to Osaka Castle

There are various must-see places in Osaka, such as Osaka Castle, ABENO HARUKAS,
Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, and Tsutenkaku Tower.

Route from Shin-Osaka Stationl to Osaka Castle Route from Kansai International Airport to Osaka Castle Route from Osakako to Osaka Castle