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Gourd & “Sennari Byoutan”

In a corner of Osaka Castle, one type of gourd, “Sennari Byoutan” is grown.

Gourds are commonly used as food, and some are used as tableware or bottles.

But what is famous in japan is another use.

On the battlefield, the military commander used his special landmark (like a military flag), so that samurai of his troops could know where he was.

Hideyosi Toyotomi was the first military commander to build Osaka castle.

and He was only military commander to use the 'Gourd ' as a special landmark.

If you arrive in Osaka by Shinkansen, you will see a decoration called "Sennari Byoutan" at Shin-Osaka Station. The gourd became the “Sennnari Byoutan”.

For Osaka citizens, it is the symbol of the town and glorious success.