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Autumn Moon Viewing at Osaka Castle

Moon Viewing, or Tsukimi in Japanese, is the custom of gazing at the full moon, and enjoying its sacred beauty.

“Tsukimi” this year was on September 10. The moonlight gave hope and comfort to those watching it.

The legend says that rabbits live on the moon.In Japan there is a children’s song that goes, "Rabbits, rabbits, what makes you so happy to jump around the full moon?" 

When we Japanese look at the moon, we see rabbits pounding rice cake. 


↑(The photo aboveTaken by “Moon Viewing Dinner” at Osaka Guest House)© VALUE MANAGEMENT Co. ltd. All rights reserved)

Mid-autumn is known as the best moon-viewing time in Japan. The reason for this is that the sky is clear, and the air is dry.

In fact, Osaka Castle is beautifully lit up from the sunset until 12 a.m.(midnight) everyday all year round. On this vast castle ground, you can enjoy various phases of the moon in combination with the majestic castle tower.

 This fall, why don’t you visit Osaka Castle and enjoy the fantastic moon with the illuminated castle tower?