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Cherry blossom viewing

Cherry blossom viewing has begun, and we are now amid it. Every year, the plum blossoms bloom first, followed by the peach blossoms, and finally, in late March, the cherry blossoms burst into bloom.

All of these flowers belong to the same species in the rose family, which is why they look similar. However, there are some subtle differences: plum petals are round, peach petals are long, and cherry petals have a V-shape cut at the edges.

In Osaka Castle, there are many spots to enjoy the cherry blossoms, however, my recommendation are as follows: the South Outer Moat and the Nishinomaru Garden (located in the west area).

There are lots of cherry trees along the south moat.   
And watching tower
and stonewalls are also on the opposite side of the moat. You can take as many breathtaking photos as you please.
Meanwhile, in the Nishinomaru Garden, there is a special cherry tree that the Meteorological Agency uses to officially announce the start of cherry blossom season in Osaka. You can take fascinating photos of the main tower and cherry blossoms here.

Don't miss this chance to experience the magic of cherry blossom viewing or “hanami” in Osaka!