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Osaka Castle Tour for Participants of International Conference

We guided the conference participants on a tour of Osaka Castle for an excursion to the "ACI Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Kobe " International Conference organized by Kansai Airport Co. at the request of the Osaka Convention & Visitors Bureau on Friday , May 19.

Some participants of the conference requested the "Osaka Castle, Osaka Water Bus, and Dotonbori" course.  They are sixteen airport business and air line company persons from Thailand , India , Canada , Hong Kong, Mongolia , and other countries.

They took a tour in the rain from the Oteguchi entrance to Tamon Yagura, Sakuramon Tako-ishi, Japanese Garden , and Miraiza’s exhibition room "Special Historic Site Osaka Castle Ruins". This trip was like their first trip to Japan .  They seemed to especially like the Japanese Garden and enjoyed taking photos in the many beautiful view points in Osaka Castle .